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[0%] Zero Percent Fanzine

oh, my magazine is full of ugly things

Zero Percent - Themed Fandom Fanzine
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Fandom Themed Fanzine

Welcome to Zero Percent!

We are a non-profit fan-run fanzine that collects, publishes and posts out fandom works in a collected zine form. Zero Percent runs on a themed issue basis, and accepts pieces from various fandoms in various media.

Currently we are asking for submissions for two upcoming issues:

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE [depending on submissions, this issue may become a BANDOM issue]

What we would like to see submitted:

+ We accept your fanfiction, articles, opinion pieces, rants, whiny complaints, love letters, fan-gushing, comics, illustrations, fanart and macros!
+ We will NEED cover art!!! And illustration feature pages. Drawn OR digital are acceptable. :)
+ Zero Percent is concerned with mostly slash or femslash themed works, but gen is completely acceptable.
+ Any rating from G to NC-17 is acceptable.
+ Please submit work you wouldn't be embarrassed to see in print! Quality! No 20 minute rush-jobs please!
+ Let's not do poetry, okay. :)
+ Written pieces (fic, article, opinion, academic, etc.) can be of any length, with an recommended of 25,000 words, and a minimum of 0.

Contributors will receive a free copy of the issue in which they are featured.

If you have any questions for the editors, please click here and comment to ask.
If you would like to make a submission, please email the item to the editor at abrandnewboom @ gmail . com.
Please ensure that your written works are in .doc form, and that your art is of an A5 (148 mm × 210 mm) or smaller size.

In terms of cost, it depends on the length of the issue. We just need to cover the cost of photocopies & post. Think approximately 10c a page. The zine will be of A5 size (half an A4 sheet) and the font size will be from pt9-pt11, depending on how much material we have to print. I estimate that an issue will cost anything from USD$5 to $10 plus postage, depending on the volume of material we receive. We will NEVER charge any more than USD$10.

Once finished, fanzines will be made available for purchase on ebay - this way paypal and visa (who own ebay) can guarantee the safety of your money and you can always file for a refund if anything goes wrong.