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oh, my magazine is full of ugly things

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grace cuddles
abrandnewboom wrote in 0percent_zine
Looking for someone willing to make quick themed banners suitable for advertising the ZERO PERCENT fanzine in lj communities/tumblr/twitter etc.


+ You can make halfway attractive graphics
+ Have & can use photoshop or similar
+ Can create appropriately themed graphics for the various themed issues
+ At very least, makes two banners per issue: Call for Submissions and Issue Now Available


+ You will be credited on the community profile on lj and within the fanzine
+ As you are a contributor, you will receive a free copy of any issue you create images about.

Comment here or contact me to let me know if you can handle this job!

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yes! perfect!!! :D *kisses you*

Excellent! Now to proceed to boredom tasks (because I am bored....)

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