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abrandnewboom wrote in 0percent_zine
Looking for someone willing to make quick themed banners suitable for advertising the ZERO PERCENT fanzine in lj communities/tumblr/twitter etc.


+ You can make halfway attractive graphics
+ Have & can use photoshop or similar
+ Can create appropriately themed graphics for the various themed issues
+ At very least, makes two banners per issue: Call for Submissions and Issue Now Available


+ You will be credited on the community profile on lj and within the fanzine
+ As you are a contributor, you will receive a free copy of any issue you create images about.

Comment here or contact me to let me know if you can handle this job!

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Excellent! I am glad we have managed to entrap tempt you!

O: You are so on to it. :xxx

Yup, the font is called Chintzy CPU BRK, so go wild (although idk if it's the best choice for large amounts of text. Might get squinty lol.)

tbqh all we have received so far is MCR, so best to go with that. We will run pretty much anything bandom, but from the submissions, it seems like this is going to be alllll about the my chem. So I guess go with that. :p

Ohhhh and I guess go light on the Black Parade imagery. It's going to be a pretty irreverent zine as it is (like...I think we're pretty much going to be a paper version of tumblr o_o) so Three Cheers and Danger Days fans are probs our greatest target markets.

One last thing! (sorry for all the questions, I promise once I get a handle I'm not this bothersome)

Do you have a preference between using 0% and Zero Percent? Or just whatever looks better?

Zero Percent is the preferred name, but 0% is like the logo/acronym lol

Oooooh I just opened your submission and it is gorgeous!

The emphasis you've put on the important points are absolutely perfect!

My only tweaks would be that we make the Call for Submissions part a little more prominent or at the top, and/or push the text a little higher on the image. That's all! I love it.


oh man, I knew I was forgetting something! I have an idea...

yes! perfect!!! :D *kisses you*

Excellent! Now to proceed to boredom tasks (because I am bored....)

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